Outlook 2016 Keeps Asking for Password When Adding Outlook.com Account

When trying to add my outlook.com account to Outlook 2016, Outlook was continually asking for my password, and wouldn’t move any further. Clearing your Credential Cache, creating a new profile, etc., etc. where what I kept finding when researching the issue. The truth is, you may not need to do all of that.

Do you have two-factor authentication turned on in outlook.com? If so, you simply need to create a new app password for Outlook 2016. This is a simple process.

  1. Login to outlook.com using your browser of choice
  2. Click on your avatar then click on “View Microsoft Account”
  3. Click on “Security” then at the bottom click “more security options”
  4. Under “App passwords” click “Create a new app password”

Once the password has been created, enter it in to the password field when Outlook 2016 prompts you for your outlook.com password.

Hope this helps.

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